Tatt2Away is the all-natural, non-laser tattoo removal system. It’s the only patented TEPR tattoo removal product in the US. Its method of action uses a combination of mechanical and chemical tools in the hands of certified technicians to activate the skin’s natural healing process in a way that draws pigment out of old tattoos.

The tattoos are not merely faded by this process; it is a true removal, with the ink visibly leaving the skin. This makes it ideal for a number of use cases.

Sometimes, people want to be able to show immediate results. This can be when removing tattoos to join the military, or in the removal process of undesirable tattoos like gang signs or hate symbols. Even when it’s still in the process of healing, a Tatt2Away treatment shows that you’re making changes.

Tatt2Away is also ideal for cover-up preparation

The removal technician can target only the parts of the old tattoo that need to be removed to make way for new art. As much as 35% of old pigment is removed with the first treatment. Sometimes only the darkest parts of the tattoo need to be removed, but in most cases one or two treatments is all that is needed to allow for a stunning cover-up that wouldn’t be possible with traditional methods.

If tattoos are permanent, how does Tatt2Away remove them?

Tattoos are permanent because they take advantage of one aspect of the body’s natural healing response. When foreign particles are too difficult to expel, they can be trapped in scar tissue to keep them from affecting the rest of the body.

Tattoo brushes push ink, made of large opaque colored pigment particles, into the living tissue that is the dermis layer of the skin. The dermis reacts by forming a network of tiny scar tissue cells around the ink, holding it in place so you can enjoy your body art permanently.

Why is Tatt2Away the all-natural tattoo removal option?

Tatt2Away works by activating a separate healing response: the formation of scabs that draw foreign particles out of the skin. Most people have experienced this healing process normally in their lives. The most recognizable form is the thick, crusty scabs that form on skinned knees. It’s best to wash dirt out of a skinned knee before the scab forms, but if you don’t, the dirt is drawn into the scab and eventually flakes off along with it.

The mechanical component of Tatt2Away ergonomically resembles a tattooing hand-piece machine, but made to medical-grade tolerances. The custom brush bundle is set to a specific depth designed to only affect the epidermis layer, the dead skin cells that protect the dermis.

With this layer carefully removed, a mild chemical called Teprsol is introduced to activate the particle expulsion healing response. The pigment from the tattoo is liberated from the dermis layer scar tissue, and it is drawn into the thick scabs that form and flake off after about 10 days. When these scabs are gone, so is the tattoo in the treated area.

Does Tatt2Away meet vegan standards?

Teprsol, the proprietary formula that makes Tatt2Away work, is a mild lactic compound derivative that liberates old ink from your skin and activates the healing response needed to draw it to the surface. Its active ingredient is a natural chemical found in one’s body.

Some have raised concerns about the origin of this compound, but it is derived from plant matter and no animals or animal tissue is involved in its synthesis. Teprsol even meets vegan standards, and is a key part of why Tatt2Away is the all-natural tattoo removal method.

Teprsol is also known to be non-allergenic. Skin allergies are typically caused by long peptide chain compounds and other large molecules, but Teprsol is not a peptide and is a very small molecule. It has not been shown to trigger allergic reactions.

Why choose Tatt2Away?

It’s all about options. For many years, laser was the only tattoo removal method that wasn’t guaranteed to leave major scarring. Tatt2Away gives another choice to people that want or need to remove their tattoos but don’t like the traditional methods available. Less pain, less expense, and fewer treatments all make it an attractive option for people considering tattoo removal.

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