What Drives the Average Cost of Tattoo Removal?

There are two things to keep in mind when you are looking for the average cost of tattoo removal. One is the cost per session, and the other is the number of sessions you will need.

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Cost per session

The average cost per tattoo removal treatment is based on a number of contributing factors.

The size of the tattoo

Most removal businesses will charge different rates depending on the tattoo’s size. Very small tattoos at a bargain price location may run as little as $50 per treatment. A full sleeve or back tattoo may cost $1000 per session or more. There’s a lot of variation there, and most tattoos fall somewhere in the middle. Tatt2Away treatments are typically offered based on the size of the tattoo. The price can range between $125 to $450 or more depending on size.

Is that laser up-to-date?

Another factor is the equipment used. Older, less effective lasers can be purchased second-hand, which can allow removal businesses to offer those shockingly low per-treatment costs. But when the old laser doesn’t remove as much ink, are you really saving money? At the other end of the spectrum, you have the latest and greatest multi-frequency laser machines like the Picosure. These cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so to stay in business, a clinic using such a machine will typically have to charge a lot more.

laser tattoo removal

Tatt2Away prices fall in the middle; the equipment costs a fraction of the price of a Picosure machine, but there is still some overhead involved in the treatment kits and supplies needed. The per-treatment costs are competitive with laser and are usually less expensive than a dermatologist using an up-to-date laser.

Whether you are looking for full removal or getting your body art just right, Tatt2Away can help. Learn more about Tatt2Away at Tatt2Away.com


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