Technician Healing Concern

Submitted to RMI

Client and Tattoo Description

Provide the following contact information ONLY when the client desires direct contact with RMI.

Instigating Treatment and Healing Concerns

Which TEPR treatment session in the planned series instigated the healing concern?

Photographic Record

All Available photographs MUST be submitted. Photographs submitted by technicians are expected to be high quality: high resolution, in focus, and uniformly lite. Immediate PRE- and POST-treatment photographs taken during EACH treatment session are part of every TEPR protocol. At a minimum, these photographs will be available and must be submitted.

Instructions for submitting photographs and data forms.

Please change the file names from the earliest "01" to the latest to keep them in sequence before uploading.

Consultation and Treatment Data Forms

Upload the following Tatt2Away forms for the client and their treatment. Make sure these are copies of the SIGNED documents you scanned or photographed.