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Are you looking for “tattoo removal near me?” Tatt2Away is a non-laser, all-natural tattoo removal system that essentially “un-tattoos” the ink. Unlike laser, it’s effective on all ink colors and pigments, and also unlike laser, fully removes the ink from the body rather than leaving it in the liver and lymph nodes. Tatt2Away is effective not only for people who want full tattoo removal, but through selective, partial removal, it gives both artist and client more coverup options.
Jessica Simone, Black Lotus’ certified Tatt2Away technician, on providing Tatt2Away treatments

How long have you been a t2a location?
7 years

What advantages does it give your artists?
Tatt2away helps the artists take on larger projects. For example if an artist wants to do a back piece or a full-arm sleeve, and the client has an old tattoo square in the middle of the canvas , this is extremely challenging for the artist to design a piece that can fully cover up the unwanted tattoo, have the tattoo make sense composition wise, and ultimately end up being aesthetically pleasing. Tatt2away helps eliminate all the roadblocks in a design that an unwanted tattoo can cause and allows the artist to create a tattoo worry free.

What advantages does it give your clients?
Tatt2away helps clients make their dream tattoo a possibility. Tattoos have come so far even over the last 10-15 years. The level of artistry in today’s tattoos is very different from the flash tattoos you would pick at a walk in shop years ago. Now clients are seeking artists that specialize in specific styles of tattooing and are getting tattoos that look unreal!! Tatt2away makes it possible for a client to recreate a tattoo with an artist of their dreams.

Why is it better than laser?
I’m very honest with my clients. I give my clients the facts on how tatt2away removal works and show them results. Our clients are very smart and can make an educated choice on whether Tatt2away is the best option for them or not.

How has it helped your artists for coverups?
I see artists taking on more and more coverup projects. It’s no longer a specific artist that’s taking them on, but the majority of artists are developing their coverup skills, because they don’t want to limit their clientele base. Also it helps show the artist’s range of capabilities. Most of the time with coverups the clients number one request is “I don’t want this tattoo to end up being one big dark blob of ink and nobody knows what it is!”

What additional comments do you have about the advantages of Tatt2Away?
Tattoos are meant to be permanent and wanting to remove a tattoo that is meant to be permanent requires patience, understanding and care. Miracles don’t happen overnight and removals don’t either. It takes time, but with a little patience and care you can end up with amazing results. Trust the process!!

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