How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

How much does tattoo removal cost? Let’s compare laser versus natural tattoo ink removal! Tatt2Away strives to be accessible to clients in terms of cost, treatment length, service locations, and effectiveness for your desired outcome. We pride ourselves on having more accessibility, with safer treatment than others on the market.

Laser Competitors

  • Takes 8-12 Sessions with treatment completed in 48-72 weeks
  • $2,800 – $5,400 Average Total Cost
  • Ink is broken down and released deeper in the body
  • Cannot remove certain color spectrums
  • Amount of pain is described as more painful than a tattoo


  • Only 3-5 sessions with treatment completed in 24-60 weeks
  • $750 – $1,750 Average Total Cost
  • Removal Process naturally draws ink out of skin
  • Removal works on ANY COLOR at each treatment
  • Pain level is about the same as a tattoo

How is Cost Determined?

The cost of tattoo removal is more than just the price tag. We take all costs into account – your time, the number of sessions, the removal process on your body and its health, the effectiveness and your happiness with the final product, whether it is a removal, revision, or replacement. Tatt2Away is the holistic solution to tattoo removal.

Cost per Treatment

Tattoo removal cost is determined primarily by the size of the tattoo and the complexity of the removal area. Generally tattoos cost between $250-350 per treatment to remove. Smaller tattoos may cost less while larger tattoos may be a bit more. We make the tattoo removal cost on your budget, body, and time work for you.

The Tatt2Away Process

Utilizes a holistic removal method that shrinks and liberates the ink from your body, each session. The process is effective on all color, and the pain level is similar to receiving the tattoo.

Average Number of Sessions 

Up to 35% of any color of tattoo ink is removed, each session. The Tatt2Away process utilizes the least number of sessions needed to liberate the ink from your body. We work to shrink the ink for the end result you want.

Remove, Revise, Replace My Tattoo