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Are you looking for “tattoo removal near me?” Ink Wizard Tattoo is owned by tattoo artist, John Hudson.  His daughter, Jessica, is Ink Wizard’s certified Tatt2Away® technician.

Why did you get Tatt2Away?  We wanted to expand our services for the ever-changing industry. We had a lot of inquiries for tattoo removal, and after doing extensive research, we concluded that Tatt2Away was the best removal method. We were really impressed that it’s completely color-blind and all-natural!

What advantages has it given you as a shop? Tatt2Away has given our shop a major advantage in that not many shops do tattoo removal. Before we began Tatt2Away, clients had to travel to major cities! They love that they can get treatments so close to home. Another large advantage is rather than turning an impossible cover-up away, we can offer a partial or full removal, then a brand new tattoo in the area!

What advantages does it give your clients? Clients are at a huge advantage. They can feel comfortable that a certified technician with a history of how skin works is doing the removal. Instead of traveling for removals, they can come close to home rather than losing money by taking off work.  Another large advantage is their many options. When they come to us with a cover-up or a problem tattoo, we have 2 options – removal or cover-up – compared to one option like most shops!

Why offer Tatt2Away instead of laser?  When doing our extensive research, we saw a lot of negative reviews on laser. Also being in the tattoo field for over 25 years has taught us that laser typically doesn’t work well for most. We looked into how laser affects the body simply because if it’s not removing the ink through the surface, where is that ink going? Finding the ink is zapped through your kidney, lymph nodes, liver, and blood stream was very unappealing. We did not feel comfortable doing that to our clients. Tatt2away was a huge win for us.  We loved everything about it as soon as we found it!

Why would someone want to come to you for a Tatt2Away treatment,  especially if they’ve never heard of Tatt2Away?  Clients are attracted to the Tatt2away process, because their tattoo will be gone. Once people hear the facts on laser removal, it turns them off completely. Tatt2away is very naturally appealing to clients. They see our confidence in the company, and that confidence pulls them in.

How does it help with coverups?  Partial removals are a huge hit! People coming in for a near impossible or ugly cover-up, partials are for them! They love to hear that we can give them a better cover-up by simply just removing some of their existing tattoo. Partial removals bring more business and make for a much better cover-up!

Why do people come to Ink Wizard for tattoos?  Clients come to Ink Wizard for the family environment. We are a large family; we work well together and always help each other improve. We’ve been the longest running tattoo shop in southern Maryland, for 25 years! We welcome our customers and always try our hardest to make them happy whether it be with piercings, tattoos, tattoo removal or even microblading! People are also fans of the fact that we focus on remaining updated rather than out of date!

Tatt2Away is a specific patented method with a registered trademark.  If you visit a location claiming to be a certified Tatt2Away center and they fail to use the template in your procedure, leave (and please let us know).

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