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Tatt2Away Draper

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Jazz Wilkey
Corporate Training Coordinator

What’s the advantage for someone getting a Tatt2Away® treatment?

There are several. The two biggest are:

  • Unlike laser, Tatt2Away actually removes the ink from the body through the surface of skin once the body’s own natural healing response is initiated.  This differs from laser, which blows the ink particles up into smaller particles that then have to be processed through the bloodstream to be filtered out, but end up stuck in the liver, kidney and lymph nodes.  These lodged ink particles can cause a host of medical issues such as false positives on medical tests, illness, and even potentially cancerous particles to be stored in the body.
  • Each Tatt2Away treatment gives the client more options for a new tattoo in the same place and the new tattoo or coverup can be lighter than, and not nearly as big as, a traditional cover up.  And this can be achieved in far fewer treatments than laser.

What kind of tattoos have you done treatments on?

I’ve done treatments on every part of the body. I have seen a lot of crazy, poorly executed tattoos on all parts of the body, all different skin types, all over North America.

Why is Tatt2Away better than laser?  

Laser doesn’t affect all colors of ink with equal efficacy, so it can’t remove all colors of ink.

We take it out through the skin’s surface so the ink doesn’t get stored anywhere else in the body.  Additionally, we haven’t changed the original particle of ink in any way so we aren’t creating a potentially more harmful particle to be stored in the body.

Tatt2Away entails fewer treatments than laser, which means less money for the client.  It’s also far less painful for the client to sit through and similar to getting a tattoo.

What do you do when you’re not doing treatments?

  • I travel all over North America training new locations through a very in-depth, hands-on, course that lasts two full days.  Prior to the onsite training, I’ve coordinated and checked all their online course work.
  • Additionally, all our technicians are required to recertify every year to ensure treatment protocol is up to date and accurate, and that needs to be coordinated and checked for each location annually.  
  • I also randomly stop in to locations to answer questions, watch procedures and ensure they’re continuing to meet Tatt2Away’s protocols and standards.
  • I review treatments and answer any questions from Tatt2Away’s technicians worldwide.
  • I train any new Tatt2Away trainers so they can train new locations as needed
  • There’s also continued research for the company as we are always seeking to improve our product.

Do you have any favorite removal stories?

I love to do removals to help clients forget an event or memory. I also work with a refugee center to remove brands on women who were in human trafficking. They are usually scared and suspicious at first, and always shocked that after two treatments, the ink is gone and you can no longer make out the brand.

How important is aftercare?

Aftercare is key! I can do all the right things and have a perfect treatment, but if the client doesn’t follow the aftercare directions, the effectiveness of their removal can be significantly compromised.

Not following aftercare can also cause scarring, because sometimes the removal becomes infected.  Often they’ve exposed it to sun, burning the newly forming skin, which is very thin like baby’s skin.  People get impatient and think that it’s healed because the scabs are gone, but the body still needs time to rebuild those layers of skin.   Following the aftercare is directed isn’t always convenient, but it’s not difficult either.

At our Salt Lake City office location, Tatt2Away is by appointment only. 


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