Tatt2Away® All Natural Non-Laser Tattoo Removal System

Tatt2Away® is a new patented all natural non-laser tattoo removal system that more completely removes all ink colors with few treatment sessions, and a discomfort equivalent to getting a tattoo.  It has been designed for the tattoo studios as a new option to offer their customers.  Now customers who are unhappy with a tattoo can have it modified, removed or covered up “seamlessly” all in the same tattoo studio.

~ It’s currently estimated that 65 million Americans have a tattoo; with roughly 17 % of them having some regret and 11% wishing they could have one removed.

Doctor discusses how Tatt2Away works

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The Tatt2Away escharotic non-laser tattoo removal process has been thoroughly researched for over 6 years and has become the standard of care for this type of treatment; having patents issued for its unique well-studied process.  Go with the leader.  Go with experience.

Kat_BlackLotusIcon“Tattoo removal is an important asset to a custom tattoo shop – we are able to combine Tatt2Away® and tattooing to allow for cover-ups that never would have been possible before.”
Kat - Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery, Severn, MD

Tatt2Away® uses a patented technique called Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR®) that first creates small circles on the skin over the existing tattoo. Then a proprietary solution is introduced to bring the pigment to the surface in the form of a scab. The pigment is removed when the scab falls off, revealing clear skin underneath.

Until now, laser tattoo removal was the most accepted method for removing tattoos. Lasers, however, can only treat a limited range of colors, leaving other colors virtually untouched. Tatt2Away®, is “color blind” and will remove all colors including the most exotic hues and pigment blends.



How Tatt2Away Works

The Tatt2away® Tattoo Removal System works using a similar technique to how a tattoo is applied:


Here’s Where You Find Us

Tatt2Away® treatments are only available in professional tattoo studios, and will later become available in med-spas, aesthetic centers, and medical practices where Tatt2Away® can be performed in a professional and sterile environment.

Locations performing Tatt2Away® treatments will have Tatt2Away® Certified Staff trained in the correct technique for the best possible outcome. When you schedule a series of Tatt2Away® treatments, you will be asked to review information about the procedure and indicate that you understand exactly what is required of you for a successful outcome. It is very important to follow post-treatment instructions completely to ensure success

Here’s A Few Reasons to Find a Tatt2Away Studio Near You

  • Removes ALL Colors

  • Fewer Treatments

  • Less Discomfort

  • Less Cost 

  • Less Time to Completion

  • More Modification Options

Find a Tatt2Away Studio


Tatt2Away Advantages

 tatt2away-blueiconThe Tatt2Away Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR) process offers a more thorough removal with fewer treatment sessions.  Tatt2Away can remove a 3×4 inch colored tattoo in three to five 45 minute treatment sessions. Laser removal takes an average of 10 sessions [Kirby et al (2009)].

tatt2away-rediconTatt2Away uses the body’s natural healing process to expel tattoo pigment. The TEPRSOL® used in the process contains natural biologic substances common to plants and animals and meets the specifications of the US Food Chemicals Codex.

Laser tattoo removal, by contrast, breaks down pigments into smaller particles that must be flushed out by the body. These disrupted pigment particles generate potentially reactive species that are dangerous and possibly carcinogenic

tatt2away-colorchromeiconTatt2Away is color-blind and can remove all color pigments and ink including the newer fluorescent and bright colors.

tatt2away-yellowiconThe Tatt2Away procedure is only as painful as when the tattoo was originally applied.  Individuals report minimal discomfort.

tatt2away-greeniconBecause Tatt2Away® takes less time to see results it will be less costly for you as you modify your tattoos. Fewer treatment sessions translate into a cost effective method for a more complete tattoo removal.

Selective Removal of Portions of Tattoo:

This individual only wanted the turquoise background removed


Kat_BlackLotusIcon“Tatt2Away has been a great alternative to laser in our region. We now have a quicker option for those looking to enlist in the military, but who are being denied due to visible tattoos.”
Kat - Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery, Severn, MD

New Opportunity for Tattoo Studios



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Until now, customers who wanted a change in their tattoo had to be referred to a “non-artist” for lightening or removing part or all of their tattoo.  Now Tatt2Away allows the artist to be in complete control of the artistic process from the initial tattoo, to modification or removal of the tattoo, to replacing new art over that area—making it a seamless process for both the artist and the customer.  This also allows for a much broader selection of cover-ups since the artist and customer can work together on “what they want” not “what they have to work with”.

Tatt2Away combines the ability to offer the best service for your customers, with the best art for your artists, and the best business practice for your studio by allowing you:

You can now work with your client toward an end product that may utilize removal, partial removal, or pattern disruption for cover ups.

 tatt2away-rediconIncome from removals or modifications remains in your studio and are not referred out.

 tatt2away-greeniconThe artist seamlessly manages the entire tattoo change process, resulting in a better artistic result.

tatt2away-yellowicon Limited exclusivity for being a certified Tatt2Away studio sets your studio apart from others.

  • To show the best in art by being able to manage your own removal or cover-up
  • To offer your customers state-of-the-art service and offer more options
  • To address the pent-up demand for removals in your own studio
  • To distinguish your studio from others (limited placements only)
  • To increase your revenues
  • To bring new customers who are attracted by the Tatt2Away possibility

How the Technology Works



Tatt2Away has re-invented tattoo pigment removal using a unique macro fractional technique called Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR®). This is an effective method of removing tattoo pigment.

De-epithelialization– Using a patented stencil, the TEPR® technique first creates circular patches of de-epithelialized skin, 5mm in diameter in a pattern that covers the tattoo. The closely packed, sterile micro-needles are set to precise user-defined penetration depths.

Solution Added


These de-epithelialised patches expose the underlying dermis, into which TEPRSOL® solution is then introduced. The needles facilitate penetration of the solution to a defined depth in the epidermis.

A Partial Thickness injury is created in the skin to a depth that includes the tattoo-pigmented dermis. The proprietary solution causes coagulative necrosis of the dermis and forms an eschar (scab) of necrotic skin. This dries over the course of a day.

Pigment Release


Wound healing proceeds around and under the eschar that separates spontaneously (drops off the skin) after about two weeks, thus releasing the ink within the eschar and expelling it from the body.

Repeat Sessions – Using the 5mm “dot” technique, the whole area of the tattoo may be progressively and sequentially covered with dots, and removed, in a small number of sessions.  Measurable and distinguishable progress can be seen with each treatment.

The Tatt2Away® Business Opportunity for Tattoo Studios

Offer Best in Art


  • Artist manages removal process / provides best art possible
  • Offers clients more choices for change, removal, modification, cover-up
  • Attracts new customers
  • Tatt2Away® Centers distinguished from other studios

These advantages will set your tattoo studio apart from others, allow your artists the ability to plan for best art possible, and offer your customers more options.  These factors can help increase your business revenue and attract new customers as well as retain current customers.

Address Customer Demand


  • 11 million Americans seek a way to remove or modify a tattoo
  • Until Tatt2Away®, options have been painful, costly and lengthy
  • Tatt2Away® Centers allow you to meet your customer’s wishes
  • Limited Tatt2Away® Center will be available per geographic area

There is a large underserved contingent of people waiting for a better way to remove their tattoos.  Once they realize their new option with Tatt2Away®, they will be seeking the closest center near them.  Tatt2Away® will direct those potential new customers to your studio

Grow Revenue


  • Individuals will be directed to the Tatt2Away® Center nearest them
  • Your studio will be listed on the Tatt2Away® website
  • Membership in Tatt2Away® is cash positive within 1 year
  • Memberships can be purchased by cash, leased, or funds lended

By removing tattoos in your own studio you not only better serve your customers but also profit from your new services.  In most all cases, Tatt2Away® semi-exclusive memberships will be cash positive within one year, and provide a handsome return on investment in future years.

Become a Certified Tatt2Away Center in order to:

  • Offer more cover-up options

  • Provide best in art

  • Manage the removal process

  • Attract new clients

  • Grow your business & increase profits

  • Set your studio apart from others