Less painful than laser

Anyone familiar with tattoo removal knows that laser is famously painful. We’ve heard it described as similar to dragging a sharp fingernail over a sunburn, dripping hot wax on the skin, or being stung by a swarm of bees. And the pain isn’t just during the treatment, either; lingering pain and discomfort can last for several days afterwards.

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. I’ve known burly biker guys who said laser made them cry, and I’ve known yoga moms who said it wasn’t all that bad. If you’re looking for an alternative to laser, you probably know that the pain is something you’d just rather not deal with.

Tatt2Away is not painless either, but the amount of discomfort is about the same as getting a tattoo. Most people choose to have their Tatt2Away technician apply a topical numbing gel before their session, which takes the edge off for most people.

In the days following your session, a Tatt2Away treatment should not be painful. The biggest complaint we hear is the itchy sensation caused by scabs forming as your skin recovers. But compared to the discomfort of laser, Tatt2Away wins for most people.

Fewer sessions than laser

Most people are disappointed to find out that a single laser tattoo removal session typically doesn’t do much. Depending on the type of ink used in your tattoo, its depth, what part of the body it’s on, how packed with ink the tattoo was, and other factors, you may see some fading of the tattoo but you may not.

Laser tattoo removal requires 8–12 sessions on average, and depending on the colors in your tattoo and where it’s located on your body, some people put themselves through a stunning 20+ sessions of laser removal and still have visible ink in their skin.

Tatt2Away removes up to 35% of your tattoo in the first session. Most average-sized tattoos can be removed in 3–5 sessions. Larger tattoos, complex shapes, and some parts of the body may require more treatments to cover all the surface area. But the spots treated in each session don’t need to be hit again and again like they do with laser. The ink just comes out.

Less expensive than laser

Modern laser machines are shockingly expensive to people that aren’t familiar with the cost of high grade medical equipment. In addition to the 6-digit sale prices of these machines, they also require regular maintenance to keep the lasers aligned in focus and working correctly. These factors, along with the typical cost overrun of medical practices, all combine to make laser treatments very expensive.

Most insurance carriers won’t cover elective cosmetic laser tattoo removal, leaving all the cost on the patient. And in the cases of places advertising laser prices lower than several hundred dollars per session, you have to ask yourself “why is Bargain Freddy’s Laser Zapporium so much cheaper than the dermatologist’s office?” The answer is usually that the bargain lasers are old, mono-frequency machines that struggle to remove many colors.

Tatt2Away is priced based on the size of the tattoo removed and varies by location, but the price per session is always competitive with laser. But the real savings comes in when you realize your tattoo can be removed in three to five sessions instead of 10 or more.

Ink removed instead of pushed deeper into the body

Laser fades tattoos by bombarding the ink pigment particles, causing them to fracture into smaller pieces that can disperse deeper into the body where they are no longer visible. Most people think these particles all leave the body through excrement and urine like most waste products, but tattoo inks are formulated to be difficult to remove by design.

Full body scans have revealed that pigment from laser treatments winds up in deposits throughout the body, in locations like your liver, kidneys, and lymph nodes. These deposits are permanent, and the effects of foreign tattoo chemicals on the body once it leaves the skin have not been studied enough for anyone to say what this does to your long-term health.

Tatt2Away removes the old ink from the skin, rather than pushing it deeper. The mechanism of action is similar to the crusty scabs you got as a kid from skinned knees: any dirt or debris caught in the scab is pushed up and out of the wound, until the scab flakes off and clean skin is underneath. With Tatt2Away, the debris in the scab is the actual ink from your old tattoo. When the ink-containing scab falls off naturally, the skin underneath will be clear and as close to ink-free as possible.

Better choice for cover-ups

Tatt2Away is the ideal choice for tattoo cover-ups. Most artists will tell you, cover-ups are one of the hardest parts of their job. Creating beautiful new body art around the limitations of an old design can be anywhere from challenging to nearly impossible. One or two Tatt2Away sessions are usually enough to remove enough of the old ink to allow artists to create designs that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Skin that has been treated with Tatt2Away and allowed to return to normal will have less damage than a tattoo that has been subjected to repeated laser treatments.

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