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Tattoo Removal Pricing in 2022

You’ve decided you’re not into your tattoo anymore (that’s okay!), you’ve done research into the process to find out how tattoo removal works, and now you’re ready to get serious about it. You’re left with one final question: How much does tattoo removal cost?

There are a few options to choose from, especially when you’re considering Non-Laser Tattoo Removal. We’ve created a quick outline to walk you through pricing options at Tatt2Away.

1. Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Costs

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Tatt2Away offers the best pricing in the tattoo removal market. We have three brick and mortar locations where you can get the best pricing deals: one in St. Petersburg, FL, one in Draper, Utah, and one in Huntington, West Virginia.

Our pricing structure is based on the cost per session, which averages in at about $300 per treatment. When considering pricing, you’ll also want to factor in the number of sessions it might take to remove your tattoo. With Tatt2Away, a tattoo is usually removed in 3-5 sessions, or ready for a cover up tattoo after just 2 sessions.

  • Get 10% to 20% OFF

To help make tattoo removal available for everyone, Tatt2Away offers discounts when you purchase a package deal. If you purchase a 4 pack of sessions, you will receive 20% off your total, or if you purchase a 2 pack of sessions (if you’re planning on getting a cover up tattoo)  you will receive 10% off your total.

  • Find a Tatt2Away Location Near You

If you’re not located near one of our three brick and mortar locations, you can still find Tatt2Away services in 40 other locations across the country, whether in a tattoo parlor, med spa, or similar aesthetics salon. However, potential package discounts and pricing can vary depending on geographic location. Find a non-laser tattoo removal provider in your city.

2. Laser Tattoo Removal Costs

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Tatt2Away provides the most competitive pricing compared to all other types of tattoo removal as well. Laser tattoo removal typically costs around $350 per session, and the biggest consideration is that it usually takes between 10-12 sessions to remove a tattoo, which can ring up quite the bill.

To get a quote for your tattoo removal with Tatt2Away, click here or call one of our locations. Make sure to also visit our blog for the latest news and trends on tattoo removal pricing and much more.

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