Draws ink out of skin
Ink is broken down and released into the body
Works on any color each treatment
Some colors are not possible
to remove on certain skin types
Same as getting a tattoo
Extremely painful

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Other tattoo removal options, like laser, seem attractive until you realize you're on your fifth session, and your tattoo looks the same as when you started.

That’s because lasers work by essentially going over and over and over the same area, repeatedly, pushing the ink into the body in microscopic increments. Tatt2Away, on the other hand, works naturally to remove think in from your body.

In addition to the process costing your body, it impacts your bank to. Laser removal cost can be $450 or more per session, estimated at an average of $463 by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With an average of eight to twelve treatment for one removal, cost adds up fast.

Smaller tattoo are not necessarily less expensive, because they may take the same number of treatments. That blurry name on your ring finger will still take eight or more sessions.

Tatt2Away offers the organic solution for natural, safe, and effective tattoo removal, without breaking the bank. With less sessions at a lower cost than laser tattoo removals, Tatt2Away provides a healthy solution to removing, revising or replacing your tattoo, shrinking the ink up to 35% each session!

If you found a less expensive laser removal place, here’s the potential hidden costs of laser tattoo removal:

  • An older, less effective laser
  • MANY treatments result in little to no change
  • some colors may be impossible  TO REMOVE

By contrast Tatt2Away:

  • removes INK out of the body
  • requires Half the number of sessions
  • Works on Every color   

Removing a tattoo with lasers means you are forced to look at the tattoo you want removed for up to year.

After one Tatt2Away session, (for a 3" x 1" tattoo) your tattoo pattern is broken up. After two sessions, it’s radically altered. After three sessions, it’s virtually unrecognizable. Four and it’s almost gone. Five and it is. Tatt2Away removal for a 3" x 1” tattoo is realistically achievable in less than 12 months and with less financial, emotional and physical cost than laser.

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