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Removing Different Tattoo Colors On Different Skin Tones

Tattoo removal is quickly gaining popularity, but have you done research to confirm if tattoo removal is possible for your skin tone or tattoo color? Check out how different types of tattoo removal can affect your skin based on the color of your tattoo and the tone of your skin:

1. Skin Tones

Within the tattoo removal and aesthetics industries, there is a common scale known as the Fitzpatrick Scale. This scale measures the reaction of melanocytes (the cells that make your skin pigment) to exposure to sunlight by classifying your skin tone. This scale is important in the tattoo removal industry so that removal specialists can determine which tattoo removal treatments work best and are safest on each skin type/tone.

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– Natural Tattoo Removal is Possible On All Skin Tones

Some tattoo removal methods can have adverse effects on certain skin tones. While not every tattoo removal method is possible on every skin tone, tattoo removal with Tatt2Away is possible on any skin tone and type.

This is because Tatt2Away extracts the ink in a tattoo by going directly to the layer of skin the tattoo sits in, versus using a laser to go through the skin, pushing the ink further into the body. Check out before and after pictures of the results from natural tattoo removal.

– Laser Tattoo Removal is NOT Possible on Every Skin Tone

When considering different kinds of tattoo removal, it is important to note that laser tattoo removal is not possible on every skin tone. Lasers use concentrated light beams to remove a tattoo, and the lasers can sometimes have a hard time finding and targeting the ink in a tattoo on darker skin tones leading to adverse reactions. The laser method is not an ideal tattoo removal for darker skin tones.

2. Different Ink Colors

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Tattoo removal with Tatt2Away is “color-independent,” which means it can remove any color of tattoo ink from any skin tone. Tatt2Away uses a template pattern to remove tattoo ink of any color consistently every session. This is important because other tattoo removal methods have limitations when it comes to colored ink and skin tones.

Laser tattoo removal in particular has strong limitations when it comes to colored tattoo ink; it is “color-dependent.” Certain colors cannot be removed from certain skin tones with laser tattoo removal.

The laser tries to only react with the ink in a tattoo when passing over skin, and if the ink in a tattoo is too similar to the skin tone (i.e. yellow ink), the laser can have difficulty “finding” and reacting with the ink, leaving the tattoo untouched and in turn affecting normal skin.

And with laser tattoo removal, even if a tattoo can be removed, if the laser is not set to the correct setting for your specific skin tone and tattoo color, hyper- or hypo- pigmentation can occur. Learn more about the differences between laser versus natural tattoo removal processes.

Color Tattoo Removal On Your Skin

It is important when doing research about tattoo removal to consider how your skin could react to different methods.

To learn more about how Tatt2Away can safely help you remove your unwanted tattoo. Find a natural tattoo removal provider in a city near you.

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