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The Differences Between Tatt2Away® vs. Surgical Tattoo Removal Methods

Tattoo popularity has been on the rise and along with this surge of new ink comes the rise of tattoo removal as well. Tattoo removal has become popular for many reasons including regret,  wanting a fresh start, or a reason as unique as the tattoo itself. However, choosing the right method to remove a tattoo might be overwhelming so we’re going to break down the differences in removing your unwanted ink using Tatt2Away versus surgical tattoo removal.  

Tatt2Away – The Gold Standard of Tattoo Removal

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When comparing Tatt2Away and surgical tattoo removal, you may think they’re similar, but Tatt2Away offers a non-laser non-surgical approach to tattoo removal. Tatt2Away’s process is similar to how the tattoo was applied, but uses a proprietary-organic solution instead of ink to help the body expel unwanted ink from the skin. One of the main benefits of Tatt2Away is that it is minimally invasive with less potential for scarring than surgical methods, which means you’ll have a clean canvas when tattoo removal is complete. Tatt2Away uses a patented technology that removes all tattoo ink colors unlike laser tattoo removal. Tatt2Away can remove large tattoos just as easily as small tattoos and treat as precise an area as the client wants. Tatt2Away was designed to provide quick, safe, and effective tattoo removal for any color, size, or location, making it the Gold Standard for tattoo removal. Take a look at our before and after tattoo removal pictures to learn more about our process and how it works.

Surgical Tattoo Removal

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What exactly is surgical tattoo removal? Surgical removal is the practice of physically cutting out and removing a tattoo from the skin. This invasive method can be effective with some notable drawbacks typically requiring local anesthesia once the tattoo is removed. The excised skin is either stitched or replaced with a skin graft leaving obvious evidence of the procedure. Surgical tattoo removal is more invasive than Tatt2Away and often leaves behind scarring, which impacts the aesthetic outcome a client might be looking for when removing an unwanted tattoo. Much like other forms of tattoo removal, surgical tattoo removal may require multiple sessions for complete removal (costing anywhere between $200-$1,000 per session). In terms of aftercare, the recovery period for surgical tattoo removal is longer involving more intensive wound care treatment to minimize scarring and risk of infection. 

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Comparing Pain and Discomfort

Pain and discomfort are significant considerations when deciding how you want to remove your tattoo. Surgical tattoo removal involves incisions and stitches, often resulting in postoperative pain usually requiring pain management. Additionally, the healing process with surgical tattoo removal can be uncomfortable with the risk of infection and scarring.

Tatt2Away, on the other hand, is associated with less immediate pain. The Tatt2Away removal process feels much like getting a tattoo and clients often report less discomfort during and after the procedure when compared to surgical methods. While numbing cream may be applied before undergoing the Tatt2Away removal process, most people can manage the sensation without any pain killers.

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Recovery Time and Sessions

Surgical tattoo removal typically involves a more extended recovery period due to the invasive nature of the procedure. Wound healing and scar maturation contribute to the overall time it takes to achieve full tattoo removal and fresh skin. Multiple sessions may be necessary, spaced months apart to allow for proper healing.

In contrast, Tatt2Away sessions are generally less intensive and the recovery time is often shorter overall. While 3-5 sessions may be required, the versatility of Tatt2Away allows for a more tailored approach to each individual’s needs resulting in a quicker recovery. Learn more about Tatt2Away’s aftercare.

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Scarring and Aesthetic Outcomes

When deciding which tattoo removal method to choose, consider the final results. Surgical removal, despite some advancements in techniques, carries a risk of noticeable scarring, particularly for larger tattoos. Scarring and discoloration of the treated area varies based on factors such as the individual’s skin type and the skill of the surgeon. Tatt2Away, with its proprietary method for lifting the pigment up and out of the skin without extensive cutting, aims to minimize scarring. When comparing the two outcomes, Tatt2Away is cleaner looking and more aesthetic, especially for those concerned about scarring.

Color Removal and Versatility

Shoulder Blade Colorful Tattoo Removal After First Session

Tatt2Away distinguishes itself by delivering true tattoo removal for all ink colors. This versatility is particularly important for those with challenging multicolored tattoos that may not respond as well to other removal methods.

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Which Method is Better for You? Non-Laser or Surgical Tattoo Removal?

The choice between Tatt2Away and available surgical methods hinges on individual preferences, pain tolerance, aesthetic concerns, and desired outcomes. Surgical tattoo removal is more invasive and can produce uncertain and inconsistent results. Tatt2Away is the better option with minimal scarring and true color removal. Before deciding on a tattoo removal method for you, consult with a Tatt2Away technician to determine the best course of action for removing your unwanted tattoo.

If you would like to get a consultation or book your appointment with Tatt2Away, reach out to our team today! Be sure to visit the blog for the latest news and trends on everything tattoo removal.

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