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Welcome to Tatt2Away®: Revolutionizing Tattoo Removal. We are thrilled to share our recent feature on Dean Delray’s podcast, where we had the opportunity to discuss the remarkable advancements in tattoo removal techniques. With our cutting-edge technology and expert team, we’re here to transform the way you think about tattoo removal. Whether you’re looking to remove an unwanted tattoo, fade it for a cover-up, or simply revise and enhance your existing ink, Tatt2Away® offers a safe, healthier removal solution. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional removal methods and embrace the future of tattoo transformation with Tatt2Away®. Discover the power to rewrite your skin’s story today.

Our innovative system utilizes a patented process known as the “Trans Epidermal Pigment Release®” (TEPR®). First, a specially formulated solution is applied to the tattooed area, which interacts with the ink pigments. This process is carefully controlled and does not damage the surrounding skin or tissues.

Next, a highly trained technician uses our proprietary Tatt2Away® tool to gently lift away the tattoo ink, revealing fresh, new skin underneath. This process targets the tattoo at its core, penetrating deeper than traditional laser removal, and allowing for a more comprehensive removal of the ink.

What sets Tatt2Away® apart from other tattoo removal methods? Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Complete Ink Removal: Tatt2Away® offers the unique ability to lift both colored and black ink tattoos from the skin, regardless of age or size. Our system effectively addresses a wide range of tattoo types, ensuring comprehensive removal.
  2. Fewer Sessions, Faster Results: Tatt2Away® typically requires fewer sessions compared to laser removal, leading to quicker results. This means you can say goodbye to your unwanted tattoo in a shorter time frame, saving you time, money, and potential discomfort.
  3. Safe and Healthier: Our TEPR® process is gentle on the skin and minimizes the risk of scarring or damage to surrounding tissues. Tatt2Away® prioritizes your safety and ensures a comfortable experience throughout the tattoo removal journey.
  4. Enhanced Cover-Up and Revisions: By fully removing or significantly fading the original tattoo, Tatt2Away® creates a clean canvas for cover-up options. Artists and clients alike appreciate the improved possibilities for new, creative designs.
  5. Cost-Effective: Our process is not only faster in providing results, in a fewer number of sessions but we also offer more affordable prices compared to other tattoo removal solutions, making us the #1 choice in the industry.

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