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Our Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Lifts 35% More Ink at Each Session

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Are you searching for an exceptional tattoo removal service near Pinellas Park, Florida, that goes beyond traditional methods? Look no further than Tatt2Away, a revolutionary non-laser technique that efficiently eliminates ink from your skin using a natural scabbing process. Unlike traditional laser treatments that merely break down and disperse tattoo pigments within the body, Tatt2Away leverages your body’s natural healing processes to completely remove unwanted ink. Our patented technology is celebrated for its innovative, health-oriented approach, offering a safer and more effective alternative for tattoo removal.

Why Choose Tatt2Away?

Tatt2Away stands out with its ability to deliver significant improvements in fewer sessions. Our technique is designed to remove about 35% more ink per session compared to traditional laser methods. This means you can achieve your desired tattoo-free look more quickly and cost-effectively. The Tatt2Away process focuses on promoting your body’s inherent healing capabilities, ensuring a more natural and holistic tattoo removal experience.

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Customer Testimonials

“I had an amazing experience with Jazz this morning. Super sanitary and clean environment. One of a kind energy and is super fun to be around. Does amazing work, would highly recommend!”

Ashton Chathon

“Jazz was sensational! She is excellent at her craft, and it’s comforting to know she has a nursing background. She numbed my arm very well so I didn’t feel much pain at all! Jazz also has cool taste in music, her office has a chill vibe and she was able to get the job done effectively while having lighthearted conversations the entire time. Tattoo removals don’t sound like a fun experience, but if Jazz is doing the job, I know I can look forward to my next treatment. Jazz rocks!”

Ethan Schaecher

“Jazz is very professional and she makes sure you understand how everything works. My tattoo has left a lot of scar tissue and was also very deep. A lot of my tattoo has been removed and my scar tissue is also not as bad as it was which is very surprising. It’s flattened out a lot. I’m very happy with the results I’m getting. So thank you jazz.”

Joshua Stratton

“This process is amazing and I love how safe it is! I’m so glad Tatt2Away provides a safe and nontoxic way of removing unwanted tattoos! Jazz was incredible and so knowledgeable! I can’t recommend Tatt2Away enough!”

Morgan Mahler
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Tatt2Away Lifts 35% More Ink At Each Session

One of the most compelling benefits of Tatt2Away is its gentle approach to tattoo removal. Unlike lasers, which can cause considerable pain and discomfort, Tatt2Away creates a scab that naturally peels away, taking the ink with it. The sensation during the removal process is similar to getting a tattoo, making it a more tolerable experience for most clients. This non-laser alternative avoids the pain and potential side effects associated with laser treatments, providing a more comfortable and natural tattoo removal option.

Holistic and Client-Focused Philosophy

At the core of Tatt2Away’s methodology is a holistic, client-focused philosophy. We prioritize your well-being and respect your body’s natural integrity. By enhancing the body’s natural healing processes, Tatt2Away prevents the dispersion and accumulation of ink particles within your body. This health-conscious approach ensures that your tattoo removal journey is not only effective but also aligns with your wellness goals. If you’re ready to start fresh, our dedicated team near Pinellas Park, Florida, is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Tattoo Removal Cost and Pricing

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Tatt2Away’s FAQ’s

How long does it take to see results?2023-03-24T21:58:14+00:00

Results become noticeable as your skin heals and the scabs form and fall off, which typically takes 2-4 weeks after each session. As you progress through your treatment plan, more and more ink is removed, and after your last session, the entire tattoo will have been treated and completely removed– no more ink will remain!

Can Tatt2Away be used to remove partial tattoos or perform tattoo modifications?2023-03-24T21:55:08+00:00

Yes, Tatt2Away is versatile and can be used to remove specific parts of a tattoo or modify an existing design. If you’re looking to change a portion of your tattoo or prepare for a cover-up, Tatt2Away can help you achieve the desired results.

Can Tatt2Away remove cosmetic tattoos, such as permanent makeup?2023-03-24T21:50:30+00:00

Tatt2Away can be used to remove certain types of cosmetic tattoos. However, the treatment may not be suitable for all permanent makeup applications, particularly those close to sensitive areas like the eyes. Consult with a certified Tatt2Away technician to determine if the procedure is appropriate for your specific cosmetic tattoo.

Is there downtime associated with Tatt2Away treatments?2023-03-24T21:49:55+00:00

There is minimal downtime associated with Tatt2Away treatments. Most clients can return to their daily activities shortly after the procedure. However, it is essential to follow your technician’s aftercare instructions and avoid activities that could irritate the treated area or disrupt the healing process, such as swimming or excessive sun exposure.

How long after the final treatment can I have a tattoo placed in the same area?2023-03-24T21:49:02+00:00

Once the treated area has fully healed and your Tatt2Away technician confirms that the removal process is complete, you can get a new tattoo over the treated area. It is essential to allow enough time for your skin to heal properly to ensure the best possible results for your new tattoo.

We typically advise artists to wait 4-6 months after their final Tatt2Away session, depending on your skin and your body’s healing response. Wounds heal from the bottom up and the outside in. The new tissue gradually covers the area, causing the scab to drop off. There are several stages every wound must go through in the proper sequence and time frame to heal optimally: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, maturation, and remodeling. One of the most important stages in the Tatt2Away process is epidermal maturation; the epidermis is considered mature when it resumes its normal barrier functionality and signs of inflammation (redness) vanish. Aside from aftercare compliance, factors that affect these stages, and thus individual healing and the time frame prior to getting a new tattoo, include: age; overall health; drug, alcohol, and tobacco use; nutrition; and stress. Your Tatt2Away technician knows skin and healing, as well as how to assess when you’ve healed sufficiently for the artist to begin your Tatt2Revise. At each stage of the treatment process, the technician will be assessing the healing progress.

How long between each treatment is suggested?2022-12-04T19:22:44+00:00

The minimum time between each treatment is 8 weeks and increases 2 weeks with every treatment, assuming your healing is progressing optimally. Compliance with Tatt2Away’s aftercare program, and your overall health and habits, will affect both your healing and the actual time between treatments.Tatt2Away technicians are experts both in the Tatt2Away process and in working with skin, and will advise you specifically based on your tattoo, its size, and the treatment plan. Additionally, they’ll monitor the healing process as treatments progress. Any sign of inflammation extends the time frame between treatments to ensure proper healing.

How does this process affect different skin tones?2023-03-24T21:35:26+00:00

Tatt2Away is effective on all skin colors. While very dark or very light skin tends to be more sensitive regardless of procedure or reason for the wound, Tatt2Away does not adversely affect your skin based on color like other treatments treatments can. More important is your overall health and skin condition, as well as your ability and willingness to comply with the aftercare procedures. Lack of compliance may compromise the results regardless of skin color or skin sensitivity.

You can request a limited test treatment of one or more tegulae (dots) during the initial consultation. The cost of a test treatment is determined by the individual studios and is generally not included in a free consult, as a sterile treatment kit will need to be used even for a small test. Some studios may deduct part of the cost of the test from your first session. In addition, all Tatt2Away technicians are experienced in assessing people’s skin types, health, and healing ability, all of which affect a person’s outcome. Individual policies may vary from location to location.

Will it cause hypo-pigmentation, scarring or keloids?2022-12-04T19:19:48+00:00

Just like with tattooing, the best way to ensure optimal healing is to impress upon the client the importance of following the specific aftercare procedure. Due to its similarity to tattooing, Tatt2Away shares some of the same risks to the skin. This includes the extreme importance of avoiding contaminants and infection risks as well as direct sunlight exposure during healing. Just like with tattooing, if a client’s skin is prone to keloiding, it is possible for a keloid scar to develop. Failure to adhere strictly to all aftercare procedures can increase these risks. Tatt2Away technicians are trained to look for possible complications, including failure to comply with aftercare, and refuse treatment or refer a client to a dermatologist. Tatt2Away is effective on all skin color. Skin that is very light or very dark tends to be more sensitive to treatments and may take longer for pigment to return to normal after treatment. Tatt2Away does not adversely affect darker skin color like laser removal can. More important is the client’s overall health and skin condition, as well as their ability to follow directions. Lack of compliance with aftercare may compromise the results regardless of skin color or skin sensitivity. You can suggest a limited test treatment of one or more tegulae (dots) during the initial consultation. The cost of a test treatment is determined by the individual studios and is generally not included in a free consult, as a sterile treatment kit will need to be used even for a small test.

What is Teprsol?2023-03-24T21:35:50+00:00

TEPRSOL® is the proprietary and patented solution used in Tatt2Away treatments. All ingredients in TEPRSOL® are natural biological substances commonly found in both plants and animals. The production of TEPRSOL® meets vegan standards, meaning the ingredients are developed from plant material rather than animal sources.Because TEPRSOL® is a proprietary component of the Tatt2Away process, its specific formula is never publicly disclosed. Our labeling is compliant with regulatory standards and lists the ingredients as “USP Distilled Water, Proprietary L40 Lactic Compound.” All TEPRSOL® components are small molecules, which in general are not allergenic. None are peptides, which are the typical molecules that induce allergic reactions. Although it is remotely conceivable that some persons may develop sensitivities or may react negatively to TEPRSOL® usage, no such reaction has been reported and authenticated in over 10,000 treatments.

What factors contribute to tattoo removal success?2022-12-31T18:20:11+00:00

Tatt2Away relies on your body’s natural healing response. So, in turn, the healthier you are the quicker and easier removal will be. Some factors that affect removal include age, immune health, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, nutrition, and even stress levels.

Will I be able to grow hair in the same place I get the removal?2022-12-04T19:03:08+00:00

Of course! Tatt2Away does not disrupt hair follicles or hair growth once healed.

Can I get treated while pregnant or breastfeeding?2022-12-04T19:01:42+00:00

To be as safe as possible, we do not allow women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to receive treatment. There is no information to support this procedure would be harmful to the mother or child, but we aren’t going to risk it!

Can I get treated if I have a medical condition?2022-12-04T19:02:05+00:00

Tatt2Away tailor fits your treatment plan to you. Your technician will ensure that you are receiving effective and safe treatments, so be open and honest with them about any medical conditions prior to receiving treatment.

Top-Tier Aftercare

Achieving the best outcomes from your tattoo removal with Tatt2Away requires consistent aftercare. Our experts stress the importance of diligent post-treatment care to enhance the removal process and expedite your journey toward your desired aesthetic. Following our detailed aftercare instructions is crucial to ensure a successful tattoo removal result. We provide personalized guidance to help you care for your skin following each treatment, ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcome.

Payment Options

We understand that tattoo removal is a significant investment, and we strive to make the process as accessible as possible. Tatt2Away offers flexible payment options to accommodate your financial needs. Our financing solutions come with guaranteed approval, making it easier for you to proceed with your tattoo removal journey without financial strain. You can choose an interest-free payment plan that suits your budget and start your path to a tattoo-free appearance. Our supportive team is available to provide more information and help you receive a personalized, free estimate.

More Tattoo Removal Resources

Tatt2Away is not just about removing tattoos; it’s about offering a transformative experience that prioritizes your health and safety. Our cutting-edge non-laser solution provides a safer, more effective, and more comfortable alternative to traditional laser treatments. By focusing on the body’s natural healing abilities, Tatt2Away offers a unique approach that respects your body’s integrity and promotes overall wellness.

If you are ready to take the next step in your tattoo removal journey, reach out to our team near Pinellas Park, Florida. We are committed to helping you achieve your desired look with a method that aligns with your health and wellness goals. Schedule a free consultation today and discover the Tatt2Away difference. Embrace the future of tattoo removal with a process that truly cares for you and your body.

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