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Are you looking for “tattoo removal near me?” We are a deluxe, ageless skincare clinic serving Maryland and the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Established in 2013 by Lisa Franklin-Daisey, this center offers a unique combination of permanent makeup and skincare treatments as well as specialty services. Our techniques are medically proven and industry-safe with limited downtime.

When you are working with procedures in the Aesthetic industry, there are many that are more permanent in nature. One of which is the Permanent Tattooing of certain areas of the face, head, & other places of the body. No matter where the tattoo you want to remove is found, we can now completely remove the ink that has been placed under the dermis by previous practitioners.

Body art designers & permanent cosmetic makeup professionals acclaim the Tatt2away® Tattoo Removal System as the most innovative natural tattoo-removal & re-design technology available today. Its patented tattoo-removal technology uses the natural ingredient TEPRSOL®, which removes all color pigments & ink.

Lisa is a licensed medical esthetician and accomplished allied health professional. She is an experienced CPCP certified permanent makeup artisan, medical micro-pigmentation specialist, and skincare aesthetics practitioner, offering a variety of custom tailored, minimally invasive, cosmetic and skincare treatments. Lisa’s goal is to help clients diminish the appearance of unwanted signs of aging and to nourish, shield, and protect the skin from today’s damaging environmental influences.

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Life changes & so can tattoos. Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed or revised? The Gold Standard of Tattoo Removal can help.