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Kat Williams, owner of Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery in Severn, Maryland, has been using Tatt2Away® to remove or pre-plan a cover up tattoo for two years as a way of offering more options for covering a tattoo. “It was a decision I knew I had to make for the studio: whether or not I would offer tattoo removal as a technique towards better tattoo cover-ups. It was making up my ‘mind over matter’,” she told us.

kat_tatt2away_profileInterestingly enough, once she decided to add options for tattoo cover-ups, one of her first clients was a young woman with “mind/matter” tattooed on the back of her neck. Coincidence?

Kat stated, “I have many clients who have been re-tattooed after almost-complete removals. Usually I work with the artists to remove everything not easily coverable and leave the lighter stuff for covering so there’s less stress on the skin. She claims that her decision to go with the Tatt2Away system offers her clients more options for improving existing art.

Kat has found that working with both her studio artists along with their clients, the options to change existing tattoo using total or partial tattoo removal first offers many more choices for cover-ups; including the ability to show her customers that it is “mind over matter” that changes things. It’s the little decisions that can make a big difference in our lives. Such as deciding to change an existing tattoo.


Black Lotus RemovalJust One Example of Her Work Among Many

Here is an example of a young woman who no longer wanted “mind over matter” on her back. This was the start of her second treatment. Of which there only was a need for 6 total treatments for the tattoo.

Kat’s ability to be able to work with the customer in the removal and future art has made her studio unique and about 20% of her customers now come from referrals who know about her removal / enhanced cover-up ability using Tatt2Away.


For more information on what Kat and her Black Lotus Studio artists can do for you with putting on your choice of tattoo, or taking off that one from a while back that is no longer wanted fill out the form below and get to Black Lotus in your part of Maryland for more information.


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