The Tatt2Away Non-Laser tattoo removal process aligns with nature, using your body’s natural healing process to return your skins to its natural state. In this FAQ section, learn about the different techniques Tatt2Away proprietary Technology utilizes to naturally heal your skin, and remove your tattoo in the most healthy and effective way. Tatt2Away removes ink from the body each treatment, and uses less treatments to remove, revise, or replace your tattoo. Effective on all color and banned ink, Tatt2Away is safe to be used in delicate parts of the body. The Tatt2Away tattoo removal process is less painful than laser and can be compared to the same feeling as receiving a tattoo. Effective on cosmetic and permanent makeup removals and revisions, the Tatt2Away removal process is safe for dermatology treatments as well as removing tattoos. Tatt2Away uses a solution that naturally occurs in the body to create a scab within your skin that then lifts the ink out of your body. On the other hand, laser treatments break the ink down to be pushed through your body and later excreted. The laser tattoo removal process puts your body at risk while the Tatt2Away process aligns with natural to achieve effective results, safely.

Choose the Gold Standard of tattoo removal to remove, revise, or replace your tattoo!

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